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7 Quick Takes Friday Post Two


This is my second post of the “7 quick takes” that is run by Jennifer over at Conversion Diary which is a fantastic website that I love to read and re-read.


We are in our end of month week at work and I’ve been accelerating my work in order to clear as much down as possible. I am absolutely filled with the power of the holy spirit as I remain energized and focused on the task at hand. Even during slip ups I am able to remain positive, focused and able to deal with it. Work is going really well and I am supremely happy with it!


I am leaving for the Philippines on March the 2nd which is in one and half days now! I can’t wait to be with my Girlfriend once again. I’ve missed her companionship and 6,500 miles is such a painful distance to be separated from those who love one another.


My website is improving steadily however I have found I am constantly fending off pointless and circular arguments from atheists who seem to hate that I have converted. They don’t understand it at all and constantly barrage with mocking and hateful statements. Rarely do I encounter a genuine “free thinker” who I can have an open and sensible dialog with.


My faith continues to strengthen and empower everything I do in life! His plan for me is carried out with gentle nudges in the right direction. I’m excited for my future under His mighty protection!


I haven’t been writing much at all lately to be honest. I’m planning to re-hit the book after I return from my holidays on the 14th of March.


The situation at home has improved remarkably. Now my sons are free to eat healthy they are already reaping the benefits. I love and miss them all the time.


I’m interested in trying Evernote – especially after reading about it on conversion diary and also now I have learned there is a blackberry app for it. I am going to install it on my Torch now.

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