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A most interesting of dilemmas with my father, advice needed…


I went to church on Sunday, with my two youngest sons, and just before I was about to leave something interesting happened. My father, who calls himself an agnostics with leanings towards belief in God, said he would like to come.

This caught me completely off guard because up until then he has alternated between mocking me, avoiding the topic, discussing it almost like someone who believes in evolution period to someone who know seems more Christian like.

Obviously I am overjoyed at this change of direction but it is tempered with my knowledge of my fathers attitude and how he often switches quite dramatically from a personality perspective. Let me give you some more facts and please let me know your thoughts.

The statement about having leanings to belief in God was the first time I ever heard him say that this past weekend. Before that he always seemed quite anti-religion if I am honest.

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