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An open post to atheist visitors with the wrong attitude


What I won’t tolerate is abuse and a confrontational and argumentative attitude from atheists. This has happened often, and here already. I am sorry if you don’t like what has happened I am sorry if you don’t understand it, but realise several things.

My conversion has happened. Period. I’m not changing back and you can’t make, convince or coerce me into “reverting” so don’t even try. This isn’t an experiment or investigation. This isn’t a publicity thing. I need not make vast amounts of friends or go on an ego trip. This was a deeply personal and considered choice. I only need to be pleasing to God which is my sole goal in life. Deal with it. If you can’t or won’t then there really is no need for you to be here is there?

I’m a rational, logical, self-educated, and deeply skeptical person. I am not crazy, deluded nor do i have a history of mental illness. In fact, one could say, i am fairly unemotional and detached at times. Making such a leap of faith was completely contradictory to my own psychological make-up. So why did i do it? What benefit could there be? The answer is there if you just look…

I maintained and still maintain a strong moral code. This was defined by my upbringing and own self guidance. This was never affected nor influenced by either atheism or even Christianity. Becoming a Christian has not made me a better person and I don’t claim to be either.

I was an atheist before my conversion and not an agnostic. I was an agnostic before I was an atheist. I even joined the Brights Society a few years back and was actively promoting atheism whilst mocking and disregarding ANY religious belief. There are so many definitions of atheism that I thought it prudent to state exactly where I sit. Looking back I would have considered myself a strong explicit atheistExplicit atheism is defined as “the absence of theistic belief due to a conscious rejection of it“. Explicit atheists have considered the idea of deities and have rejected belief that any exist. Strong explicit atheists assert that it is false that any deities exist. This is who I was, and whether I spent years researching or based it on a difficult life, is completely irrelevant. Definition is definition.

I am not here to be drawn into pointless and circular arguments about proving or disproving the existence of God. If you can’t, or don’t want to open your eyes, then we will never see eye to eye on the matter. I was most definitely in your place once and I took a chance and made the leap. I only wish to specifically converse with atheists who are happy to have an open and sensible dialog or perhaps those who have a desire to convert themselves. I will block and ignore any that don’t. Freedom of speech beside this is ultimately “my house” you are entering. As a guest I will absolutely not disrespect you so please don’t disrespect me.

I am self publishing a book, off my own back and, at my own expense. Yes I am selling it, as I always wanted to be a writer having written many short creative books since I was a teen, but I certainly don’t expect it to become a best seller in any manner. This isn’t a money spinner for me and I don’t intend or expect it to be. I barely think that it will sell more than a few dozen copies if I am honest. This is not a commercial endeavor but I would absolutely love for it to be a door-opener to something new in my lifeand something that is centered around my faith in Jesus and how best I can serve him and my fellow man. If I can encourage, inspire or guide even one single person to convert then all my efforts will be completely worth it. If I can help and make a difference somewhere then that will be equally awesome.

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