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Being the light in the darkness


Today I wanted to very briefly touch on the influence of faith especially amongst those closest to us. I was drawn to read 1 Peter 3 1:2 recently in a book and it struck me that this was precisely what happened to me after initially coming to God.

When I met my girlfriend, now fiancé, it was her demonstration of simply “being” who she was that won me over. I was so awestruck by her attitude, personality, conviction, optimism, positivity, can-do work ethic, unconditional love, guidance and support.

These are just some of the compliments plucked out of the air that I can throw her way. When she explained the root of who she was, as someone who has complete faith and total trust in God, I said to myself.

“I want to experience the same as that please! I want to feel better. I want to be better. I want to change. I want to live!”

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