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Dealing with a difficult person (Lectio Divina 33-36)


Sunday night set the tone for my recent set of struggles. I’ve been struggling (and still am) to deal with the fallout from what is happening right now.

  • This person who threatens me.
  • This person whom i do not trust.
  • This person who makes me feel uncomfortable.
  • This person who takes advantage of others.
  • This person who does nothing.
  • This person who epitomises sloth.
  • This person who is a slave to sin.
  • This person who accords me no respect.
  • This person who seeks to unsettle me.

This person who absolutely hates my faith in God.

This has unfortunately pulled me away from the verses I have set aside to study but I have still managed to read the bible. I also managed to “watch” the verses in question by viewing the “Gospel of John” movie on YouTube.

This is a very accurate portrayal of the gospel and something that allowed me to do my studies in a slightly different manner but nonetheless complete them still. I didn’t think that Henry Ian Cusick would make a good Jesus but his acting was superb and very believable.

I saw him in Lost as was intrigued if he could pull it off because his character was quite odd in that show. I would strongly recommend you watch this movie. I also ended up watching Omar Sharif in “Saint Peter” the movie and was again very impressed.

His portrayal was humble yet believable and I felt he portrayed an accurate Peter. The only downside (of all things) was the obvious plastic surgery of Sydne Rome, which not only was unpleasant on the eye, but was hardly pertinent to the times.

Anyway, I am struggling dealing with a most unpleasant person in my life right now, and I am struggling to deal with it. I strongly recommend that you read this articleposted on the blog of “Incite Faith” because its timing could not have been anymore perfect.

Through Matthew it shows us that those who do not listen to our word, persecute and belittle us, are not worth our time and will be dealt with accordingly. They are nothing more than a pawn for use by Satan in attempting to get back at us.

He hates where I am going and doesn’t want me going there. He wants to pull me back into the darkness. He hates to lose my soul… that which he thought was a certainty for him to torment for eternity after I pass away.

He hates what I am doing and he hates my faith. He is using whoever he can to get back at me. God however loves me. God loves what I am doing and delights in my faith. God continues to protect and guide me at these times. God shows me the path to walk.

If others do not like what I am doing then that is their problem because I will not change. I live to serve those I love. I live to please God and do what he wishes. I submit entirely to his will.

God is the only one who offers what I want so why would I ever turn back from his love?

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