Dealing with fatigue – physically and spiritually

Today is a difficult day. I didn’t sleep well, my shoulders and back are aching, and I have a headache. I even briefly contemplated not coming into work today, because of how bad I felt, but the truth of the matter is I am simply not that unwell. I just feel achy and a bit out of sorts but otherwise I am okay.

It’s reminded me about fatigue generally and how it can affect our daily lives. Fatigue can also affect us spiritually, when we go through dry spells, or when we can’t see past the fog obscuring His hand at work. I’ve yet to experience a real downturn in my faith, and although I don’t expect it to happen, I am sure as the years roll by something akin to this might unfortunately happen.

So how would we recognise and deal with this unpleasant situation? How do we currently deal with physical fatigue? They key to dealing with fatigue is not by taking a handful of pills and battling through it. They key is simple rest and relaxation.

God has not created and designed life for us to be non-stop and always on the go even if it sometimes appears that way! Even He rested on the seventh day did He not? What the Bible is saying to us, even in the first few pages of Genesis, is that sometimes you need to take a break. It’s not about taking a break from faith but it’s about taking a break to admire all in front of you. Rest, relax and enjoy.

Should I ever go into a dry spell in my faith I will be sure to apply this practice. Rather than struggling against it all, and look for the quick fix, I will simply relax and admire. I will allow God to calm my spirit and massage my soul. I will rest on my own “seventh day” should the time come.

So I ask, any who read this, who are struggling in their faith or going through a dry patch. Take your foot off the accelerator, stop and pause, and reflect on how God has acted in your life up until this more troubling period in your life. Just because you don’t feel His presence and the warmth of His love doesn’t mean it isn’t there. I was completely oblivious to it myself as an atheist but it didn’t mean it wasn’t there.

Stop straining and squinting to see it. Let it come to you and recharge you.