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Don’t be afraid to talk to God


I was talking to someone today who wasn’t hundred percent how they should pray, how often, etc and it got me thinking about my own experiences. I reassured him there is no demand or pre-requisite from God that you pray to him every single second of every single day.

There is no special unique way you must talk, no time of the day, no language, trigger or situation that begins this process. God’s door is ALWAYS open at anytime, day or night, for whatever reason and in any situation. It is the manner in which you pray which, for me, is the most important aspect of prayer.

Sometimes I pray to simply to give thanks for the food on my plate. You could argue that this is a pointless prayer, a waste of time, so to speak but let’s put that prayer in the right context though. There are people starving, right now as I type these words, all across the world.

I might only be eating a pack of instant noodles but they’d probably kill for such luxury. So for me, it’s not a waste of time to sometimes simply give thanks for it, but it’s also not to say I should do it every single time. I do it when the moment seems appropriate, during a moment of peace, when it feels right.

Often I pray for my loved ones and close friends. I rarely, if ever, pray for anything for myself and even when I do its not to be given what I ask for but instead the opportunity to acquire or earn it.

Opportunity here is the key word. What a lot of people get confused about is that God, not only being omnipotent and all-seeing, but that he supposed to actually do everything for us as well? There is little to no point in living if we are just puppets with no free will.

This is what God has done for us. He has given us the freedom to choose. He has shown us all creation and His majesty. He works in our daily lives, right in front of us, and is only awaiting our love. He asks only for our love and in return He gives us everything.

A deal too good to be true? That’s what it is though – the deal of the century, the millennia, of all time! What exactly do you have to lose anyway?

The only hurdle I recall having to jump was being humble to ask for forgiveness. Get over your pride and take a leap of faith.

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