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Faith in relationships and marriages and in beating racism


I was shocked this morning when I spoke to a good friend of mine who, purely because of the skin colour of his girlfriend, is suffering some quite shocking abuse from his own kin.

I don’t want to name names, ethnicity nor religion of this person or his girlfriend for sake of keeping this as an “open” and impartial post. In our sheltered lives, and since a lot of anti-racist legislation has come into force, we don’t often see or experience these kind of problems ourselves.

Nowadays its becoming increasingly rare and increasingly “un-cool” at the same time. For me this is a most welcome development in our society. Multi-culturalism has had to fight tooth and nail for its rightful place in this world but yet we still see some very strong racist, intolerant and bigoted attitudes.

The worst part is when it comes from someone who claims to be a person of strong and adherent faith (whatever that faith may be).

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