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God-fearing – an apt description?


My girlfriend uses this term occasionally and it got me thinking about what it means. You know I do understand why this word is used but I just don’t like the wording “God-fearing”. I think instead we ought to have a healthy yet unbreakable respect for the Lord based on trust, love and security. Surely He doesn’t not want us to actually fear him?

So what is it that I fear then? Should I be fearful of anything? Yes! Personally I am terrified of going to hell. I fear the consequences of sin over taking my life. I fear for the salvation of my soul and the souls of all my friends and family.

I don’t want anyone in this world to go to hell. To fear my father (who is my protector and my champion), as an analogy, would not be the basis for a healthy relationship.

If I had to rename it or “apply labels” I would prefer “God-respecting” and “Hell-fearing”. Am i right or wrong? Does it actually matter at all?

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