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God Has A Plan For Your Life


I have learned in my first year as a Christian that God has a plan for my life. I have seen, first hand, God at work in my life. I have seen the support, attention, care, love and respect that He has for me.

I have seen the path He has begun to carve out for me. I have seen this route bend and turn round the obstacles that are set in front of me even those that seem truly insurmountable at the time. I have seen my journey with God shaped in unexpected ways and in ways I could never have dreamed about.

My life completely transformed when I embraced Jesus as my personal savior. I implore you all to do the same if you have not already done so.

I have been asked by people who say, “how do you see God working for you?”, “Does He speak to you?”. The tone and angle of the conversation implying whether I literally see or hear God as if He were standing right in front of me.

I reply by distinguishing what you see in the material world with your own eyes is not the same as how you actually interpret what you see and what is happening. There is no such things as luck, coincidence, randomness, chance, happenstance, fate or destiny other than what God ordains should be sent your way. These are a mixture of rewards and trials.

How would you change, for example, if you won the lottery? You think that was just a random set of numbers? You think it was all chaos theory and you just happened to win? Wrong!

To truly understand the power of God is to truly see how he works not just in your life but in ALL life around you. God can easily give but he can also easily take. The rewards in life come at a price. That price however is love and servitude to God. How great is that?

You get to experience real love and life for nothing! If you cannot or will not submit then you are doomed to live in the darkness. You will stumble around, convinced you can “get by” and that everything is okay, but who wants to eke out an existence in the darkness? I’ve been there and it was hellish and I’ve no intentions of returning.

So, please pray to God, to give you the opportunity to better yourself. Pray not for fortune but for God to show you the path that He wants you to take. Becoming a Christian will not free you from debt, violence or other trauma in your life. It will however allow God to present you with unique ways in which to show the world the real you and for you to benefit the world.

To do His will on earth, to spread the word of God, and to set an example so that others may follow. For me I eagerly walk the path he lays out for me and I am committed to its journey no matter where it takes me even if it is not what I personally want. Give up the self and completely embrace the Lord.

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