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God reflections, being acutely aware of sin


When you become a Christian the veil of sin is lifted and you see the world for what it truly is. You see the lives around utterly dominated by sin and you see how sin tries, and succeeds, to invade those lives.

I have to be honest when I confess that it’s incredibly disheartening to witness this happening. I earnestly pray every day for the salvation of those who affected in such a manner especially when they cannot even see what it is doing to them.

They cannot see how it condemns them more and more each day. They cannot see how it becomes harder and harder to break out of the ties that bind their hands together ever tighter each day.

Sin’s sole purpose is to drive people to hell. The holy spirit works in the opposite way to help us get to heaven. Where would you rather be? Hell or heaven? Would you honestly trade your soul for material wealth, pride, lust, vain, power or respect?

If you honestly knew that this was the deal actually on the cards would you trade anything at all for a short life of pleasure followed by an eternity of torture, pain, misery and suffering? I’d rather struggle and be tested in this life, remain a good Christian, and earn my right to the kingdom of heaven.

Wouldn’t you?

I sincerely pray for the salvation of all whose lives are dominated by sin. I sincerely pray they find the strength to break those chains and embrace Jesus as their personal savior. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen!

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