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Good Friday, and what it means to me.


I’ve been a Christian for over a year now having converted in January 2010 but this is the first time I will be properly recognizing and doing something on Good Friday. In those early days, before I had finished reading the Bible, I did not observe it in a suitably Christian manner because i felt i was not yet fully appreciative of the events that had transpired. This year I intend to rectify that and do something appropriate. Despite conflicting opinions as to the date when Jesus was actually crucified many scores of people still don’t realise why we have this day off at all. It is treated by the masses as a free holiday with no significance attached to it.

It is also important to mention here that I am not a Catholic. If I had to label myself I would consider myself a Baptist although I have yet to be baptized. I consider myself a Christian first and foremost (as we all should, right?). The various denominations and churches that exist ultimately share the same base foundation otherwise they would not be Christian but something else. Because I am not a Catholic I see no need for all the pomp and ceremony involved in commemorating this day some 2,000 years ago. I see no harm in it whatsoever but is it something we absolutely must do?

I am still somewhat new to Christianity but I plan to observe a quietly faithful day tomorrow. I will spend time reading the word of God, praying and thanking God for the sacrifice that Jesus made for us, and will focus on similar such activities. It would be wrong of me I think to fast all day or avoid manual labour (I need to do some physical chores as I am selling my house). I think the day is an massively important day of deep personal reflection instead of the necessity to do something approaching penance or over the top worship. Am I wrong to think in this way? I love Jesus and am eternally grateful for what he did for us all and will earnestly offer my gratitude throughout the day. Is this enough?

Your feedback, advice and thoughts are most welcome.

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