Having a relationship with God

I talk to God as a loving son would do to his father. God loves me and I love Him. He wants to have a relationship with me, and I want to have a relationship with Him, and that word “relationship” is the key word.

Because of this relationship God has become my confidant, my champion, my leader, my hero, my friend, my mentor, my inspiration, my focus, my energy source and ultimately my life itself.

I give thanks for what he does in my life and what he gives me. I pray for friends, family and loved ones. I pray for guidance and to be shown the path that I need to walk. I accept his plan for me no matter what it entails or where it takes me. I freely submit to his will because I love Him unconditionally.

This relationship, and all the gifts and rewards that God will lavish upon you, is completely free. Why anyone would refuse Him? Why would you not drop your guard and reach out to Him? Exactly what do you have to lose? Pride? Is that all that is stopping you?

You allow science and logic to blind your better judgment, your instincts, your feelings and simple human spirit and willpower. Don’t test or challenge Him but simply open your mind to His existence. I did it, just once, and had my whole closed-off world blown open by the hinges.

If you don’t already have it, I want everyone to have the same relationship with God that I have, and if you do already have it – then you know full well the joy and comfort it brings.