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How to love and be loved


If i have learned anything at all about love, especially as of late, it is that love doesn’t judge. Love looks inside not outside. Love stays loyal, love is unconditional and love always works hard. Love doesn’t care who you are but how you love.

I was taught my most valuable lessons about love by the most important people in my life. My parents, my sons and my girlfriend. The love i received from them helped me to understand how to love and how to be loved. When i converted to Christianity those lessons i learned significantly helped me to love God.

The beauty of love is that when you embrace it willingly and when it embraces you there really is nothing else that comes close to the experience. As we grow into adulthood we tend to forget the unconditional love that we gave to seemingly anyone in our family.

Life tends to harden the heart doesn’t it? I remember as a young boy being over the moon with happiness when my aunt and uncle would visit. This was because of the innocence of love that we lose as we grow older.

We need to re-immerse ourselves in a childhood mentality where that love for another is simple. unwavering and reciprocal. In the last year i have found myself regressing back, from a love point of view, to a point where love is all that truly matters in this world.

Because love is the one thing you can take from this world into the next. Wealth, status, power and reputation mean zero. To truly love one another and to truly be loved is the only thing worth seeking in this life. I am happy to report i have found it here on this world and in the heavens.

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