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In recalling the past do you trust in the future?


One of the biggest problems I used to suffer from was trust. I’ve been gaining greater and deeper insight into this in the last few months especially. I am currently going through a situation which, to be honest, really requires me to trust in Gods ultimate deliverance. 100% trust in it.

However, all around me – for one reason or another, others are falling by the wayside. My faith, so fragile three years ago has become stronger and harder.

I’ve been pleasantly surprised that my past weakness has grown into future strength. I’ve been through some decidedly unpleasant experiences on the way.

I’ve been singled out and attacked physically, emotionally and spiritually.

I’ve crumbled painfully under these attacks but I’ve not fallen.

Because in falling your foundation of trust in God is shown to be rotten and weak.

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