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God’s plan – knowing God and knowing Love


I wanted to post today about Gods plan and how he works. I believe that God has a plan for everyone. By everyone, I mean that literally, whether or not you believe. The things that happen around you are not mere coincidence, a stroke of luck, a chance encounter.

God having a plan for you does not also mean he guides you step by step from the moment you are born until death dictating every single event in your life. Critically though, what God allows you to do, is to choose how you respond to opportunities, hardships and trials. This is where I believe many, many people get it all wrong. .

People assume that to experience the love of God is to experience a carefree lifestyle free from any hardship. These such misunderstandings are at the core of what is wrong with (even) some believers and what is definitely wrong with all non believers. To know God is to know love.

If you have ever experienced love you will surely know it is not about being forced to love someone. You know also that it is not about being showered with gifts, money or material things. Love is known solely by the feelings you get when you are near or with that person.

When you are with someone you love you feel safe, secure, cared for and contented.

God abandons no one even unbelievers–ever. I believe the key to knowing this is to know how God works. He provides us with opportunities, even though we might not always see them, to then allow us to see Him.

Some of these opportunities are simple tests of your mettle whereas others are significant hardships and trials. God wants you see him through the works in your life. I thank God for giving me a productive day at work. I thank God even for a cheap and simple meal after work. I thank God for the smiles on my kids faces as we have fun. I thank God every step of the way and I trust him implicitly and unreservedly.

Let him into your hearts. Let the opportunities he gives you open the right doors for you. He asks for absolutely nothing other than your love. Nothing more and nothing less. All you have to do is see his work in your life, acknowledge and thank Him for it, and love Him.

My testimony, since accepting Jesus as my personal savior, has seen my life changed dramatically and significantly for the better. I am now living an unarguably better life than i was over a year ago. None of my family or friends would argue against such a statement. My secret? Total, sincere love and faith in God through Jesus.

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