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Life can be a closed door. Prayers is your key to unlocking it.


First off I’d like to apologise for not posting much recently. I’ve been a little pre-occupied with some issues and also came down with a nasty, albeit temporary, viral chest infection.

It was so bad I was off work last Friday and was unable even to attend church for fear of infecting the congregation I would attend with (many of whom are senior citizens).

Yesterday afternoon I was alerted, by my sister to a potential and quite costly problem that was going to come my way. It would have left me significantly out of pocket and affected the relationships I have with my kids and fiancé overseas.

It was extremely concerning and worrying for me and any of the options I was considering myself were not looking attractive in any way. So I did what I always do at these times. Pray and trust God to help me.

I love how God amazes me away with his answer every time.

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