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Looking for, and finding God, during times of inconvenience


You know… it’s easy for us to either forget God altogether, or worse still blame him, during our more challenging moments in life.

A number of events got me thinking about this – both of which happened last night – one to myself and one to a colleague.

My problem was very inconvenient, and costly, but I was able to see through the veil of difficulty to see the positives out of what happened and how God was working to help me out.

It started after a busy day at work when I was driving to pick my son’s up from the house where my ex-wife now lives. On the way I heard a noise like something banging on the back of my car – which ended almost as soon as it had started.

I didn’t give it much thought after then until I picked up my sons and then went grocery shopping. When we returned we found the back right tire was completely deflated!

This is an immediate problem and inconvenience because of a number of factors.

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