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Making your “Bucket List” a “Life List” instead


I came across a few websites over the last couple of months that essentially were promoting the use of “bucket lists”. These websites don’t specifically refer to these lists as bucket lists, which are things you want to do before you die (that’s rather morbid is it not!), but they are a lot more like “life questing”.

I had often meant to put down into words what it is I would like to do, want to do, need to do, or feel called to do. Now I have already written this up I’ve actually already started crossing off things.

I’ve found that it’s extremely motivating and rewarding to do so. I enjoy aiming for and reaching those milestones and I like seeing what’s active at the moment and what I am aiming for next.

Although I won’t be publishing my list here (yet) I do want to share key parts of it and how I recommend you organize it yourself.

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