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Personal testimony and how it can peak the curiosity of others, a real life example.


I had already mentioned in a previous post back in January that my dad had surprised me by asking about possibly coming to the church. He has also been asking me many questions recently about the church, my faith, and the turnaround in my life over the last few years.

Our discussions have covered things like creation, common myths and assumptions about Christianity, faith, life after death and pretty much any questions about the faith you would expect anyone of any age to ask.

The technique that I have alluded to several times over the last couple of years is so simple I don’t know why more Christians don’t do the same. It is simply to not just share your testimony but to be your testimony.

You should not be the one that actively goes out and gets people but it should be that they should be drawn to you. I have demonstrated this now, effectively, with my two youngest sons and now my father.

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