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Practical advice for using twitter as a Christian


Occasionally in our walk as Christians we are challenged by those who fail to see, or who choose not to see, the truth of God’s word. Periodically every few months, on twitter, I will get an atheist crop up once in a while who will instantly demand evidence that I was an atheist and also for proof that God exists.

Today’s blog post is inspired by one such encounter already but I’ve blogged about it before. There is no nice opening hello there is only immediate skepticism, ridicule, challenge and mockery.

I’ve learned over time now to simply and politely remove myself from such conversations because they never achieve anything whatsoever and only remain circular and without end.

It pains me though to still see other Christians though slipping into this trap where they believe it is their obligation to defend the faith on a platform as daft as Twitter.

So why is it not then?

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