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Prayer and how it can change your life


God can touch your life at any time or in any place. He can give and he can take. I have experienced both of those situations.

First, because of denying God, I experienced a difficult and unhappy life. I blamed Him for my mistakes which served to further compound my problems. Secondly, after accepting Jesus as my personal savior, I experienced all the rewards and gifts that this choice can bring you in life.

What does God ask from us in return for His love? Simple, your love. A relationship with God is a relationship based on love. He loves each and every one of us equally, and no matter how badly we treat Him, He loves us no less for it. He always hopes that we will enter into, or return to, a relationship with Him.

When we do He is overjoyed. Our transgressions our forgiven as He is happy to have us back in His home.

I’ve often had odd feelings, premonitions, or day dreams about the future. I know now that God is the one to have provided such hunches that I have experienced. I had the same compulsions and feelings when I met my future wife back in 2009. I was being guided, pushed, and pointed to where I needed to be.

God’s hand was gently ushering me to the right door. A couple of weeks ago I had another such feeling about the two weeks we are in at the moment. I could just feel that something positive would come out of the things I am working on.

I can’t strictly reveal exactly what those things are on here but suffice to say they are very much becoming a reality for me at the moment. God is saying to me, “Let me show you the way”, and he most assuredly is. So how does this work?

Prayer. Prayer is the key to unlock the gifts of God. If you don’t ever talk to God how does he know what you want? If you don’t pray sincerely, earnestly and honestly how does he know that what you want is what you really want?

If you talk one way but live another way why would he seek to reward you? Recognize the signs that God is working in your life, seek to serve Him, and God will show you the path you need to walk. I have been praying for the last few months in particular for two such opportunities.

These two opportunities are all that remains of the last vestiges of my former life. I don’t expect God to fix them but instead He is saying to me, “I can help you with these things”, and the reality is that He is genuinely helping me. Talk to God. Become His servant. Genuinely ask for His help. Don’t test Him but be humble and you will reap the rewards.

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