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Reading the Bible and prayer


I read the Bible pretty much every day. I certainly pray more than once a day. Occasionally, thanks to the normal course of a busy life, I miss out on these things but I ensure that such occurrences are extremely rare at the very least.

My favored time for reading the Bible is in the morning, usually on the bus and when walking to work, so I can energise myself for the day ahead. Just reading the words of Jesus himself and the story of the new testament inspires me to learn more and do better.

Often I then pray after i have read the Bible and then, on and off, throughout the remainder of the day. I always give thanks for a “normal day” but I will focus significantly harder when I am troubled or worried. I pray for a few minutes each time – no need for a long sermon.

The important part of my prayer is the absolute sincerity and faith with which I pray. It’s never casual. It’s never faked. It’s never a demand. It’s never a “wish”. I pray with absolute humility asking to be simply shown the path so that I may better serve him.

There are things that I would like, and routes in my life that I would like to take, but those are ultimately not things I can truly ask of God. I pray for the opportunity to serve him and I always willingly submit to His will and His plan for me. No matter what it is I accept it because I know that He has a plan for my life.

What I have learned is that, and I know this is a really over used saying, God truly does work in mysterious ways. This saying is actually quite insightful because what it is really saying is, don’t try to understand how He works, just appreciate that he IS working.

This is where some people misunderstand how He works. They focus on the how rather than the act that is taking place all around us. The best way to appreciate the workings of God and to develop your relationship with him is through reading the Bible and praying constantly.

Neither should be a chore or onerous but a celebrated central focus of your daily life. Do it in “bite size” and manageable chunks – no need for it to dominate your entire day.

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