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Slowly building up the courage…


On Sunday I spoke my first open and public prayer in church. This took a herculean effort on my part because, speaking out aloud in a public setting, simply doesn’t come naturally to me.

It takes immense amounts of courage, thought and planning on my part to get to this point. I’d been meaning to say something for weeks and weeks but never found the right moment or time to do it.

Everybody else’s prayers always seemed so much better put, spoken and delivered. I knew what I wanted to say but forming it properly, waiting for my moment and saying it without stumbling was another matter!

I got my chance last Sunday.

I gave thanks, openly, for the Lord welcoming me back like the story of prodigal son. I said I was humbled and blessed in my surprise at his joy. I delivered it without stumbling or error.

It was heartfelt and it was mine.

My own prayer of thanks to the Lord. Another small step in the right direction for me in sharing the word more openly.

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