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So… why can’t we pray for a Shelby Mustang, or the winning lottery numbers?


I was posed some questions this afternoon by an atheist (@bluemeanie72 – who I recommend by the way as one of the less confrontational atheists out there) on twitter. His various responses back to me were posted in response to a tweet i wrote this afternoon.

God really does provide, and you need only ask to be given, but don’t make the mistake of testing him… for nothing will come of it.

I often tweet my thoughts on living as a Christian and I welcome correctionchallengesre-tweetsfavouriteslikes and comments and I want to inspire and get people thinking in equal measure whatever their belief.

There are plenty of atheists who ask perfectly decent questions of Christians. In a response back to his initial response I cited praying for something as extreme as a Shelby Mustang and how doing so was a good example of “getting it wrong”.

His responses were logical and quite reasonable (see below) and in turn got me thinking – well, why can’t we?

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