Sorry I Have Been Away

I’ve only recently returned back to England from a wonderful stay in the Philippines. I found myself completely spiritually refreshed in such an overtly Christian country. Even at closing hours in a supermarket prayers and blessings were offered to staff and customers and thanks was given.

I’ve never seen anything like that here in England! Words of the faithful emblaze every jeepney and trike and Christian symbols hang from every taxi drivers rear view mirrors and adorn their dashboard. Not to forget the wonderful, compassionate and caring people that make up the population of the Philippines.

I’d recommend the Philippines to any traveller for the natural and spiritual beauty that pervades the whole region. I hope to go back in a few months at the most.

My book is making steady progress at around 13,000 words but I have found myself stumbling as to its true purpose. I have completed a 5,000 word personal testimony. I didn’t want to break down my entire family history for the sake of creating a large book.

A testimony should be, and is about, the story of how i came to end my atheism and have faith through belief in Jesus. I have focused much more on this than anything else and i wanted it to be detailed enough to be properly understood and appreciated. This leaves me with a slight dilemma.

Do I self published just the testimony alone or do I expand it into something bigger? I had considered a “converters guide” or possibly some of my own early biblical observations after reading the bible. Ideally I wanted to save such a extension for a single properly published book rather than self publish a mind dump of everything as-is. As it stands I would prefer to publish the 40-50 page personal testimony.

I want this to be more of a door opener to bigger and better things. Praising God and helping wayward Christians and Atheists find there way to God.