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The moral high ground – The exclusive domain of Christians?


Continuing on from my blog post yesterday about the way people treat each other, and seeing something today whilst browsing in the morning before work, I wanted to briefly discuss morality.

Is morality, and the moral high ground, the exclusive domain of Christians? 

The quick answer to this is no but the problem is that a LOT of Christians often think they do. A lot of atheists perceive us as having this view also.

Morality is one of the big things that atheists try to catch Christians on and, more often than not, they succeed in doing so. The reason they succeed is because they are essentially right.

Christians are not the only group of people who can claim to be moral individuals. I have met, both in the real world and online, plenty of non-Christians who have great moral fiber.

History is also littered with plenty of examples of people, from different beliefs and cultures, who match this statement.

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