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The natural beauty of the Philippines


Sorry to everyone for the long delay in posting here to this blog. I have returned from a wonderful vacation to the Philippines where my Girlfriend of two years accepted my proposal to marry her. I was humbled, blessed and honored that she would say yes to me.

This was the woman who was single-handedly responsible bringing me to Jesus. She was gifted to me by God as proof of his power and I have been serving them both ever since with unwavering faith and love.

I love visiting the Philippines, not just because my fiancée is there, but because the country is such a wonderful place. You cannot drive more than 100 metres without seeing a church or a Jeepney with a verse from the bible across its back end.

Christianity is SO pervasive and dominant that it really warms the soul just to be there.

I was honoured also to visit the OJBM (Only Jesus Baptist Ministry) run by Pastor Luis where I was able to enjoy being, not only with my fiancée, but also with other believers worshipping God. During our engagement party a significant portion of the time was devoted to prayer and praising God.

These are things that are critical to me and my fiancées family. Faith is a driving power and I love to see it so heavily present everywhere. I spent a good 30 minutes after the service chatting with Pastor Luis. He is a great man of God and I was blessed to get an audience with him.

I also noticed that my comprehension of Tagalog has improved substantially. Although I am not so good at speaking it my ear, thanks to many weeks of combined immersion, has become much more in tune with the language.

I spent some quality time with my fiancée and we were witness to the spectacle that is Lake Taal and the Tagaytay Highlands. This place is so magical, so breathtaking, that it can only have been carved into life by the hand of God.

Second only to the beauty and grace that is my fiancée this is the most breathtaking thing I have ever laid eyes upon. Each morning that I would look across the lake was truly invigorating for the mind, body and soul.

I cannot recommend this place highly enough to anyone looking to see something different in their lifetime. You can argue billions of years of time passing, tectonic plate movements, the ring of fire, etc… but there is no doubt in my mind the origin of Lake Taal.

I will be married here soon in the sight of God and praising his name.

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