Thoughts about my upcoming baptism

Well, in just over a week, I will be baptised. I feel ready to take this step, even amongst people I have never met before, because I am strong in my faith. I’ve been studying and reading the bible for over a year with the advice of fellow Christians.

Although I can’t pluck a verse out of the air (yet!) I am comfortable in my knowledge and understanding of the Bible and the message it conveys to us all. More than anything though I am contented, comfortable and protected by my faith in God through Jesus.

I feel I have reached a point in my faith where it is necessary to do this. I freely want and choose to do this. I’ve been feeling this need and inner compulsion to be baptized for many months now.

I know God is driving this and I hear His call to me. I want Him to see this second act of humility, praise and submission from me. The first act was when I reached out for him. When I fell backwards not knowing if he would catch me.

When he saved and pulled me from the abyss. I am ready to be rid of the last and final vestiges of the old Mark and I’m ready to be born again.

But if I am honest, I am nervous, and the reason I am nervous is that I know how critically important this step is for me. I know how serious a step it is and I don’t take it lightly or without due and proper consideration.

I want to be pleasing to God and I want to do right by his will. I allowed his will to guide me to the right place, the right time, and the right people. If things didn’t feel right I moved away from them. I have learned to really trust my instincts and properly interpret the will of God in my life. It’s taken me to this point – right now.

All that is left now are the practicalities of carrying out the baptism because, spiritually, I am more than ready. I am disadvantaged in that I do not know anything other than the basic procedure for carrying out a believers baptism.

I have already witnessed a baptism, early last year, so I understand what is involved. I am convinced I do not need to do anything else other than have the faith and conviction to carry it all through surrounded by fellow Christians going through the experience at the same time as I am.

Everything changes at the end of this month in every aspect of my life.