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To the sick, injured, broken, battered, worn and anguished…


I’ve been really quite ill these last couple of weeks. Firstly I got a nasty viral infection and most recently an outer ear infection. Up until this time I had been in great health – the best I had been for some considerable time actually.

Although my diet isn’t superb my fitness regime is quite strong. These last couple of weeks have broken my comfortable routine and forced me to stay away from things that I enjoy. I wasn’t even able to see my kids for a couple of days at one stage.

I haven’t been to church in two weeks now and my gym attendance has dropped as well. I’m improving, reasonably well, though with the bulk of the worst of it behind me now. All I am left with is a chesty tickly cough and about 50% hearing.

Annoying but I will live and its hardly bad compared to what some people go, and are going, through.

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