What’s going on in my world right now

First off I’m sorry to those who are used to daily words from me. I’ve not been ignoring my faith nor my calling to share. If anything it’s been galvanized and revolutionized this month!

I’ve also been intensely pre-occupied shedding the last vestiges of my old life from my Baptism on the 3rd to finally selling my house last week. It’s been such a stressful time dealing with solicitors, estate agents, arranging viewings whilst waiting patiently to clear my life of the raging debt that has been plaguing it for years (of course I refer to not just material debt but also both emotional and spiritual debt).

July 2011 really has been the start of a new life for me as a father, son, friend, colleague and future husband.

Additionally, in about four days, I fly away to the wonderful country that is the Philippines to spend seven nights relaxing and enjoying my time with loved ones. Going to the Philippines is always a great experience for me because it is a such a warm and friendly place both culturally and spiritually.

I love to see how Christianity is so pervasive there and I love to feel its presence all around me. For me it is the perfect sign off to July as the clear end to the old life and the start of my new life as a Christian man able, without material shackles, to follow the path that God is asking me to walk down.

I recognize His hand in changing my life since November 2009 and I see the power He wields. My eyes are open to His works and of all His creation around me. No longer am I blinded by the lies that Satan feeds us that corrupt our very souls.

Although Satan tests me, and I have also recognised when that is happening, he has not been successful because I wear the armor of God. I’d also recommend that you all read my friend Amanda’s blog on “The Armor of God” which is exceptionally inspiring and insightful reading which reminds me of some important lessons about faith and life.