Working, as an analogy, for being a servant of God

I think the average person likes and wants to do a good, honest, hard day’s work. We all want to feel like we have earned our salary each and every day. We all like to feel that sense of self worth that comes with leaving work knowing you did your best and that the company benefited from your contribution.

The relationship however is reciprocal. You can work your hardest and best but if you work for an employer who doesn’t care and doesn’t recognize and reward you for your efforts were is the value in that? How does that retain loyalty and faith in the workforce? Apathy and unhappiness sets in.

The good news is that working for God, and being his servant, does mean recognition and reward.

Your hard work, your perseverance and your love never escapes his attentions. He loves and appreciates the efforts you make for him and he properly rewards you. Like any job, in order to be recognised by a great employer, you need to be consistent, loyal, friendly, helpful, communicative and working hard all in line with the company policies.

Working for God is much the same. Follow only what pleases God. Be a loyal and good follower of Christ. Be kind and helpful to others. Talk to God all the time – don’t assume he is reading your mind – you need to ask and tell him what’s on your mind.